Welcome to Scenic City Concrete Curbing

Our business has been improving the yards of the Gallatin Valley for over 15 years! Concrete curbing replaces that old, heaving plastic or metal edging and creates an intense free edge instead between your grass and planters! The guys here at Scenic City do it best!


At Scenic City, we focus on quality. Our equipment is designed to create the strongest, longest lasting continuous concrete edging and curbing made today. We can custom color our concrete landscape edging to match your home, buildings or any other landscaping decor.

The appeal of this product is its ability to complement existing landscaping while reducing the time needed for maintenance. Our process is noninvasive and most installations can be completed within a day. Our cost effective edging system can help enhance your property value, prevent unwanted grass and weeds in beds, and help eliminate termites and pests. Here is a picture of what our projects look like after 14 years.

Reduces edging and trimming time

Most jobs completed in one day

Professional appearance adds value to your property

Will not rust like steel, decompose like wood, break like plastic or move like brick

Continuous concrete curb

More economical and durable than traditional lawned edging

Successful root barrier Multiple colors and design options Design flexibiltiy, including: flowing curves, straight lines and custom designs